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GAUGE MODE: Depth gauge and stopwatch for managing your dive. Don&39;t miss the. The manual contains major sections covering rebreathers, no-decompression diving, open-circuit SCUBA, surface-supplied diving, the diving environment, Navy dive procedures, physics, physiology and recompression chamber operation.

See more videos for Mares Puck Pro Dive Computer Manual. First introduced back in, the Puck impressed divers with its easy-to-use and intuitive interface. Wishlist Wishlist; Compare. The well know Mares Puck Pro has received an update adding some features and a visual update of the outside of the computer. (130 feet), and never take decompression of technical diving. Puck Pro Ordenador de buceo 6 • 2 MENÚS, PARÁMETROS Y FUNCIONES Este capítulo describe detalladamente todos los menús, parámetros y funciones del ordenador de buceo Puck Pro. 2 sWITCHING Gas 1. We have reviews on these popular Beginners Level Dive Computers - Cressi Leonardo, Aqualung i100 & i200, and the Mares Puck Pro.

Mares Dive Link 2 Interface Cable for Smart, Puck Pro, Puck Pro+, Quad Computers. Desde aquí, pulsando el botón, podrá desplazarse por las siguientes secuencias de menús:. Mares Puck Pro Wrist Top Dive Computer was introduced on the market in and sent a shockwave rippling through the industry with a super intuitive, easy to use, full-features RGBM nitrox computer at an extremely competitive price. 2 oPEraTING MoDEs 3. Mares Puck Pro Wrist Computer Introduced in the market in, it is a wrist computer which is super intuitive but also super easy to use.

The Mares Puck Pro + Wrist Computer also has a watch, stopwatch, date and temperature functions, and the quartz clock Movement can be set in a 12 or 24-hour format. 3 sPECIal sITUaTIoNs 2 MENuS, SETTINgS ANd FuNCTIONS 3. The words in the manual say: "This submenu provides information about the hardware and software of your Puck Pro and about the status of the battery with a number from 1 to 3, 3 being the highest, 2 corresponding to a steady battery symbol and 1 to mares the blinking battery symbol (no dive). It has one week of diving on it.

The Puck Pro is Mares’ second generation Puck computer. Run the Dive Organizer program. Cressi Leonardo VS Mares Puck Pro+ VS Aqualung i300 VS Suunto Zoop Novo Question As simple as the title, I&39;m looking to buy my first dive watch for UK diving and have found mares puck pro dive computer manual that these 4 are great starter computers. The Pro version builds upon this foundation while still maintaining a highly competitive price point. The RGBM considers the phenomenon of micro-bubbles to prevent their formation. After this operation, the Dive Computer should. Puck Pro / Puck Pro + Manual.

Run the mares puck pro dive computer manual setup (the. Mares Puck Pro + Dive Computer is a large display entry-level dive computer that is slim on your wrist with intuitive menu navigation. The Puck Pro allows for two separate gas mixtures during a single dive and will accommodate oxygen levels from 21% to 50%. The Mares Puck Pro dive computer is full of useful features that help to create a comprehensive dive profile while keeping function smooth and accessible. Understanding a Dive Computer. 1 sETTING MorE THaN oNE Gas 1.

If you start the dive without putting Puck Pro into pre-dive mode, it will start to monitor the dive automatically but with a delay of up to 20. The Mares Puck Air / Nitrox Integrated Dive Computer with Compass is the only “PUCK” capable of downloading dives to a Windows PC through an optional interface. - Passion for underwater?

Download this driver (details on the manual setup provided here). Page 3: Puck Dive Computer It may also Your new PUCK Dive Computer is the result of the WARNING be used to alert against unsafe practices. I was using a Mares Puck Pro but the buckle broke during a dive and I was lucky to save the computer.

Now Mares is doing it again. The Mares Puck Pro + Dive Computer is a large display entry-level dive computer which is slim on your wrist with an intuitive menu navigation. Page 4: Responsible Diving Practices • Always plan your dives in advance.

Specifications from manufacturers site as follows: Everything you need. You won’t get away with wearing this as an everyday watch as it really is almost the size of a hockey puck. 3 UsEr-rEPlaCEaBlE BaTTEry 3. exe file) and follow the instructions. Its overall size makes it very easy to read underwater.

Unlike the Puck (which also has a cable for downloading your dive log) but cannot upgrade firmware (a real negative about the Puck), the Puck PRO has firmware upgrade capability through this USB cable (which clamps onto the computer at the 3:00 position, which means as Mares makes changes and adds new features (maybe they’ll read my. The Family of Mares “Mission PUCK Computers” are not downloadable and therefore cannot be used with the Mares Dive Organizer. The pre-dive mode puts the computer in a ready-to-dive mode and ensures that Puck Pro starts to monitor the dive as soon as a depth of 1. Don&39;t miss the latest news and information about the world of Mares! This App comes with a non branded dive computer, but you can customize it by purchasing, via InApp, simulations for model-specific dive computers of major brands such as Aeris, Cressi, Mares, Oceanic, ScubaPro, SubGear, Suunto and Tusa. The Puck Pro Computer has a maximum depth display of 492&39; (150 meter), a memory capacity of 36-hours, runs on a user replaceable 3 volt CR2450 lithium-ion battery, is equipped with a power indicator, back lighting for low light conditions, has a plan mode display, can be used in both imperial or metric units, fresh or seawater settings. 5 BUTToN oPEraTIoN 3. software and hardware of your Puck Pro.

And at the end of the dive, tap on the log icon to see a summary of your dive. The Mission Puck 3 Computer Console uses Mares-Wienke RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubbles Model) algorithm. The Puck Pro+ Wrist Computer uses Mares-Wienke RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubbles Model) Algorithm.

The dive log on the Mares Puck Pro has the ability to record and store up to 35 6 hours of dive time. The case is 2 ⅓ inches (or 60 mm) in diameter by 1 inch thick (25 mm). The sampling arte of the puck Pro is every 5 seconds, which is an excellent rate to provide you with a decent sized log of your dive. Page 1 Puck Pro Dive Computer Instruction Manual. 1 sWITCHING BaCk To a Gas MIXTUrE WITH. Stay up to date, subscribe to the newsletter now! 2m/4ft is reached. The all new Seac Action Computer is a wrist-mount diving computers for scuba and freediving.

Item works perfect Just cleaning out the dive locker. When Mares introduced the Puck Dive Computer on the market in, it sent a shockwave rippling through the Industry: A super intuitive, easy to use, and full featured RGBM Nitrox computer at an extremely competitive price. Plug the Dive Computer into the USB.

latest Mares technology, and has been designed to. 5 DIVING WITH MorE THaN oNE Gas MIXTUrE 1. Puck Pro siempre se enciende en el modo preinmersión. In addition to Nitrox, the Mares Puck Pro allows the diver to set the computer according to the environment they are diving in to ensure the most accurate and safest profiles. Follow us now in the social media! It was within 12 months warranty so am getting a refund as the watch was too big on my wrist anyway. Mares Computers no longer come with a printed hard copy of the user manual.

Scuba diving computers allow divers to extend their bottom time and increase their safety underwater, here is a selection of leading dive computers from manufacturers such as Shearwater, Aqua Lung, Mares, Suunto, Scubapro and other leading diving equipment manufacturers. Mares Puck Pro wrist scuba diving computer. In over 10,000 real dives monitored by Dr. Mares Puck Pro+.

Item is in beautiful condition. About PRO-DIVE Repair Service Shop Address. Page 1 Puck Pro Dive Computer Instruction Manual. ; Page 2: mares puck pro dive computer manual Table Of Contents 1. 4 CoNNECTING PUCk Pro To a PC or MaC 3. Large digits display your vital information so you can see how deep you are and how long you can stay there at a glance.

Diving Computers Scuba Diving Mares Diving Computers Related products. The Puck Pro is designedto fit your mares puck pro dive computer manual wrist without a bulky interface or body, all the while giving you a large screen to view data with ease. Setting Up The Mares Puck Pro Dive Computer Here is a short video showing you how to set up the Mares Puck Pro Dive Computer. From Add/Remove Application panel, remove the entry that contains "Mares (usbser) Icon HD", if it exists. The computer is now called the Mares Puck Pro + and for now you can still buy the normal puck pro. The Puck Pro+ is the computer that can accompany you through years and years of diving adventures.

Work out what features you really want from your dive computer, then just go for it! Bruce Wienke in the Los Alamos laboratories, the formation of micro-bubbles has been studied and evaluated to better understand the mechanism behind how micro-bubbles are formed during a dive. The Seac Action Computer is easy to use, with 3 main modes: SCUBA MODE: Full management of recreational dive profiles with a Buhlmann ZHL-16C decompression algorithm for 1 or 2 mixes (air, Nitrox, and mixes with O2 concentrations up to 99%). The Mares Puck Pro Plus is a big dive computer. The Mares Puck Pro + Wrist Computer has an optional USB interface for logging dives on your PC interface, and logbook function that includes dive profile graphs at 5-second sampling.

Mares puck pro dive computer manual

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